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COBRA Health Insurance

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COBRA Medical Insurance Statistics

Keep pre-existing conditions

Buy COBRA and keep your coverage.

Comprehensive coverage

COBRA provides necessary healthcare for ongoing needs.

Keep your providers

COBRA lets you keep your network.

No coverage gaps

COBRA coverage is retroactive.

Extended coverage

COBRA lasts up to 18 months (can be longer).

Act quickly

Enroll in COBRA within 60 days.

COBRA, or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, allows you to keep your employer-provided health insurance coverage if you lose your job or have your hours reduced.

COBRA health insurance can be expensive, as you’ll need to pay the entire monthly premium, which includes the portion that your employer previously paid.

Yes, there are many alternatives to COBRA health insurance, including individual health insurance plans, short-term health insurance plans, and health sharing ministries.

With COBRA health insurance, you’ll stay on the same health insurance plan you had with your employer, but you’ll be responsible for paying the entire monthly premium.

If you’ve recently lost your job, had your hours reduced, or experienced another qualifying event, you may be eligible for COBRA health insurance.

COBRA health insurance typically lasts for 18 months, but can be extended to up to 36 months in some circumstances.

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